What You Need To Know About Marketing Automation

At the helm of it marketing automation is just another way technology helps you save time. Time – that scarce resource. Even old adages, or maybe not so old, equate it to money. And why not? It is after all scarce so when tech can come in and squeeze in a few hours a week that would have been spent on rather mundane tasks – we take it.

Simply put marketing automation is software that takes all those sometimes boring and repetitive tasks (e-mails, social media posts E.T.C.) and does it for you. Of course you will have general oversight on how it does it – but the gist of it is it will do it. Or did you think last year your bank manager remembered your birthday? Unless you are bringing in the GDP of a country in a week – some software did that. They probably do not know you like football and your favorite color is blue (no relation).

Now, in an ideal world, marketing automation should grow your business. This means sell, sell and sell. It should be able to convert prospective clients and turn them into satisfied clients. The bottom line is in the ideal world this automation should significantly contribute to your bottom line. And finally the golden goose – it should have a significantly high return on investment.

But, let us face it, the world is far from ideal and so is the marketplace. Most sales people, with their own bottom lines in mind, will throw around the term ‘marketing automation’ like a magic solution to all your problems. Of course should you get baited you will end up with software you cannot justify and a sales person disappearing into thin air.

So here are three things need to know?

Marketing automation

  1. Marketing automation is not a magical solution

You would love this wouldn’t you? Marketing automation riding in on a white horse, shining armor to rescue you and your marketing woes in one fell swoop? Overnight recording improved sales with steady growth over the month and finally a promotion at the end of the second month. Corner office maybe? Expense account? But, it is not a magical solution. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make this tech work.

And this work is a never ending process. It involves a lot of learning and adapting. Si if you are looking for a magical solution, keep on searching. Otherwise strap up your boots and put in the work.

  1. It goes beyond email

Marketing automation has been mostly associated with email marketing. But this is not the case. There are various areas in digital marketing that one can apply this tool. For lead generation, social media, analytics and many more. For a deeper understanding of these you should enroll for an intensive course in digital marketing accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute.

  1. It can be personalized

The term marketing automation can lead you to believe that it is impersonal. However, that is not the case. With most tools in the market it is easy to customize it to fit your target audience. Making it as personal as possible and eliminating the risk of alienation. Don’t those bank messages come with your name included? See, it can be done.

So when it comes to marketing automation take your time to understand it. See what could work for you. But most importantly, be ready to experiment and learn.

Emmanuel Eshun
Emmanuel Eshun

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