How To Build A Personal Brand

Before you build a personal brand you need to know what a ‘personal brand’ is.  Personal brand is what makes you – you. A unique combination of skills and personalities that identify what you are and what you are about. When it comes to the corporate world, building on this brand is important.

Below are a few tips on how you can build a personal brand:

  1. Consider yourself a brand

When you mention ‘brand’ the first thing that comes into mind is companies. Your favorite phone. Favorite yogurt. Heck, even favorite water. But in order to build a personal brand, you need to think of yourself as a brand too. You need to realize how you package yourself to people is how they see you. Then is when you can tap into the power of personal branding.

  1. Build a personal brand around your value

In order to build a personal brand you need to understand your value. This is what you can bring to the table. In the corporate world, while personality matters, value takes precedence. There are thousands of people that are able to do the same thing you are capable of. Well, unless you supply air on Mars. In such cut throat competition your value needs to stand out. Don’t just be ‘X the marketer’. Be X the genius marketer with a knack for problem solving.

  1. Show your personal brand

As a writer the most common piece of advice is “show don’t tell”. This also applies when you want to build a personal brand. Many people can talk about who they are and what they can do. However, when it comes to building a personal brand you want to stand out from the noise. Here is where a digital platform with your portfolio comes in handy.  There are courses in digital marketing that can help you with this. People love what they can see. Who knows? It might also land you your next deal.

  1. Online presence

We are in the digital age. News spreads faster on hashtags than it does on airwaves. If it happens, you will hear it first on twitter. So a lot of people rely on social media for information. These same people will use social media to get information about you. This is where you need to audit your online presence in order to build your personal brand.

Yes you can have a picture of your vacation in Malindi on your Instagram but you cannot use that as your profile picture on LinkedIn. If you are not a political analyst stay away from strong political views in your twitter – instead pay attention to industry particulars. Oh, and do not forget to let your bio speak for you. A short description of who you are and what you do. Make it snappy and short.

Build a personal brand

These are not the only things to consider when you want to build a personal brand. There is so much more involved. If you want to learn more on personal branding with an industry expert, attend our FREE MARKETING MASTERCLASS on the 26th of July. There will be a one on one interaction with a personal branding and marketing professional.

Mark your calendar and see you there.

Emmanuel Eshun
Emmanuel Eshun

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