COVID-19: How To Survive as a Business Through Marketing

Apart from affecting the daily activities across the world; if a vaccine for COVID-19 is not launched soon, there is going to be a huge global stock market crash.
Curfews and countrywide lockdown only mean this to most Kenyan business owners; more losses or bankruptcy. This does not mean that Kenyans do not value life as much as their money. However, the Kenyan economy is a market-based economy with a liberalized external trade system and a few state enterprises.

How then, can you help your brand navigate and thrive through marketing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic?

  1. Don’t Use Traffic Decline to Exploit Customers

The ongoing lockdown may be extended to July, August, or even the end of the year. With such uncertainty, more businesses will continue to close or remain closed for an extended time. If you are still in operation and your competitors are closed, that does not create room for you to exploit customers. The scarcity of commodities due to a pandemic does not allow you to increase prices. Instead, it is a better time for you to connect with your customers like never before and be reliable. Show empathy to ease the situation by offering additional value like Free deliveries to their doorsteps.

  1. Adjust your Marketing Strategy to Fit the Situation

This is a critical moment for any business whether small or big. COVID-19 is a sensitive matter and anyone ordering from your company needs to know that you have their health in mind. All marketing materials should show that you are taking strict measures to ensure that whatever is delivered to them is safe. Identify your key constituents and tailor your message appropriately

For instance;
Kentucky Fried Chicken had to suspend its “Finger-licking Good” campaign due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In their effort to show their commitment and mindfulness while handling food, a section of an infographic KFC shared read: “Once the chicken leaves our fryers, the only hands that touch it are yours.”

  1. Ramp Up your Brand’s Online Presence

According to Attentive’s  E-Commerce Trends analysis, more brands are now generating billions of dollars in online sales.
As we remain in quarantine, schedules have been somewhat freed up hence more people online. If you are offering services online, this may translate to longer sessions on websites. You can maximize on this by:

  • Ensuring that all the platforms your brand uses are regularly updated.
  • Having someone dedicated to the timely response of inquiries and online orders.
  • Incorporating empathy or have a feel of sensitivity to ensure that your brand does not look like it is taking advantage to capitalize on the COVID-19 crisis.

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Emmanuel Eshun
Emmanuel Eshun

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