Why Creativity Matters to a Professional Marketer

The three topmost qualities of any successful professional marketer are; the ability to interact or develop lasting relationships with people, creativity, and innovation. To stand out as a marketer, you need to achieve what other marketers have not been able to. Identify gaps in the market, use available insights to invent creative solutions to your marketing activities.

In his article on The 10 Essentials Qualities Of A Successful Marketer, Rajendra Singh states that: Successful marketers are ready to take risks with creative ideas that others may find completely crazy.”

You do not need to be artistic to come up with a creative idea. For you to thrive as a professional marketer, use the following creative tactics to drive more growth to your brand:

Have a Unique Language

Establishing a unique language that prospects can identify you with, both online and offline, is key. A unique language for you as a professional marketer means; creating a simple way of attracting your potential customers’ attention without having to bombard them with too much information about what you offer. Creativity helps you to come up with taglines that are fun and memorable for your brand. Adding those slogans to your adverts helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors.


End-to-End Thinking

According to Fred W. Schellert, end-to-end thinking is a process that involves analysis, strategy, execution and reality check.  It’s about setting targets and unique marketing strategies of how to reach your target. Executing them and analyzing the result in relation to what you had intended to achieve with your initial strategy. With tech generation, creative marketing makes you wear many hats just to try and find out which one fits the latest trends.

Successful professional marketers fix unique perspectives and insights to help make the company stand out in any industry.


Consumer Appeasement

Happy customer translates to more sales and increased retention rates. The consumer base is very essential for your brand’s growth. To increase the numbers of your return customers, as a professional marketer, you need to find ways to appease each one of them.

Here are some creative ways in which you can appease your customers:

  • Introduce your own perspective but in a language that resonates with them.
  • Optimize your information or social media content to their liking.
  • Whatever you are trying to market or advertise, always bring our the “value”
  • Make your “value” unbeatable.
  • Different seasons call for different needs; get seasonal with your campaign promotions to be relatable.

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Emmanuel Eshun
Emmanuel Eshun

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