The Study Doesn’t Stop: Simon Page Launches Live Online Classes

After a month plus of practicing social distancing, study institutions are now exploring more ways to help their students remain positive and continue learning. In its effort to provide students with an interactive learning experience, Simon Page College of Marketing will be launching its first Live Online Classes this April.

That is why, in addition to the existing e-learning platform, Simon Page College decided to give its students a Live Online Classroom experience. With tutors who are industry experts, Simon Page College of Marketing aims at transforming careers with professional training that sets the global standard. The college offers internationally recognized qualifications in:

Each qualification is designed in a way that allows you to apply your learnings at the workplace as you go. They help you to command respect at the board level, improve your employability and work delivery. Explore different levels of each program, get qualified and  earn your UK or Ireland certification through online learning


Here is what to expect from the Live Online Classes:

  1. “Face-to-Face” Engagement

Having access to online study resources is one thing, but being able to interact with your classmates during a lesson is a whole different experience. The virtual classroom allows you to contribute to class discussions and to connect directly with your tutor.

  1. Learning Outcomes

Apart from acquiring confidence and problem- solving skills that reassure your prospective employers of how highly qualified you are; Through Live Online classes you will be able to:

  • Access all study resources necessary for the completion of your course.
  • Hold group discussions on assignments and projects with your classmates.
  • Successfully complete your course, acquire good pass rates, and get globally recognized as a professional marketer, PR practitioner, or Digital Marketer.
  • Get reliable tutor support.

To get the most out of the Live Online Classes, it is ideal that you create independent learning sessions to prepare yourself before the lesson and join respective WhatsApp groups. This will help you get to know your classmates and enable you to share your experience or concerns in case any arises.

Simon Page would like to encourage all students, continuing and prospective, to keep on adhering to safety measures during this time of the coronavirus crisis. To all those joining us for the Live Online Classes, feel free to reach us on [email protected] or call +254 731 077 144 for more inquiries or if you need any help.

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

Emmanuel Eshun
Emmanuel Eshun

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