Simon Page Receives Commendations from CIM

Simon Page College of Marketing has received commendations from CIM for excellent results. Despite the disorientation brought about by Covid-19 and studies having to suddenly move online, the college has continued to excel. The CIM results released in July attest to this. The college recorded 100% pass rates in the following modules;

CIM Level 4 – Certificate in Professional Marketing

  • Applied Marketing(From all online students)

CIM Level 6 – Diploma in Professional Marketing

  • Marketing & Digital Strategy (From all students)
  • Digital Customer Experience (From all students)

CIM Level 7- Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing

  • Global Marketing Decisions (From all students)

Therefore, it is no surprise that this study centre still maintains quite an impressive performance rate for the past 5 years since its establishment in Kenya.

Find out below what CIM had to say about the excellent results recorded by the study centre;

Excellent cim results

Simon Page College of Marketing receives commendations from the CIM body for excellent results

Here are 3 reasons which attribute to Simon Page College of Marketing success in CIM qualifications;

  1. CIM-Accredited Tutors

Simon Page College of Marketing has the best tutors in the market-they are CIM accredited and are professionals in their various fields. Most importantly, they are focused on ensuring that the students gain value throughout their studies. Students receive a wholesome learning experience, and this sets them up for success in their studies and their careers.

Thus, many students relate their success to the college’s “good culture”  brought about by both students and faculty’s hard work and collaboration.

  1. Flexible Study Options

Majority of our students are professionals who have to juggle between their careers and their studies. The study centre offers face to face lectures as well as online learning sessions.
Having flexible study options has allowed students to create time for classes. As a result, they are able to balance their busy schedules, therefore having a healthy balance of both their professional and academic lives.

  1. Practical learning solutions

The vision of Simon Page College of Marketing has always been “to be recognized as a continental provider of world-class management development experiences.” Above all, the course work is centred on getting the students to absorb more skills than just the theory.
A greater part of the assignments is practical. As a result, the students are able to improve their critical thinking and also develop good strategic marketing skills and gain hands-on experience.

The faculty and the entire Simon Page College of Marketing team wish to congratulate all the students who recently completed their CIM qualification. We would like to appreciate them for making Simon Page College of Marketing the best study centre in Kenya.

To find out how we can help you achieve success in your CIM qualifications, email us at [email protected]


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