Understanding Millennials as a Digital PR Professional

The millennials’ influence on e-commerce has been felt globally and Kenya is not left out. A study conducted by INVESP on millennial shopping habits showed that 81.3% of millennials shop online at least once a month. Out of this, 61% stated that they prefer to chat with a retailer via digital communication. This is because three-quarters of the world’s population is now on smartphones and constantly online. Thus, understanding Millenials as a Digital PR professional is key.

Examining their online habits is the first step to attaining success in your Digital PR practice. This generation interprets and consumes online content differently. More reason for you to design a new communication approach that can help you leverage this special group that makes up almost 90% of your target audience.

Here are a few ways in which you can leverage on millennials through digital PR for business growth:


Think Like a Millenial

Just like in traditional marketing, putting yourself in the shoes of the consumer is the greatest trick you’ll ever learn in digital PR. It helps you design your products or services in a way that caters to the need of this generation. A great number of people in this generation is between the age of 25-39years (Generation Y). You need to understand their language and what makes them tick. The type of communication or tone of your online content needs to resonate with them.

KCB Bank is one of Kenya’s companies that is considered to best interact with the younger generation on social media. The concepts they use in their online communities have influenced other internet users in Kenya to become fans and subscribe to their services.


Answer their Why

One of the reasons that this group of people is referred to as the Y- generation is because of the constant need to always question things. Generation Y is not afraid of challenging the status quo and will always have the urge to compare you with what you and your competitors are offering.

Before distributing content to all your online platforms, always ask yourself the following questions, and answer the “why” before they even ask:

  • What unique specs about your product are different from your competitors?
  • Why should one pay more or less for your product?
  • Is your packaging in line with the current trends?
  • What after-sale services will they get to make them come back?
  • Is your store or online shop easily accessible?

As a digital PR professional, you need to focus on online marketing strategies that will help your online buyer have a seamless shopping experience.


Remain at the Top of Digital Trends

Millennials are adventurous and trendy.

As a Digital PR person, you are required to keep tabs with trends in terms of interests or needs. Give them instant solutions with your response and ensure that the platforms you use are user-friendly. Millennials like to establish an emotional connection with the product or brand first before deciding to buy it.

For instance; if you use a website to market your product or service, always ensure that there is someone available to respond to queries the soonest time possible.

Millennials are quick to give reviews on their experience with different brands. If their experience with you was good, they will always leave a positive review; which in turn will encourage more people to subscribe to your services.


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Emmanuel Eshun
Emmanuel Eshun

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