5 Tips on Effective Online Learning During Coronavirus

The Study Doesn’t Stop: Learning Online During Coronavirus

The first case of Coronavirus was reported on March 13th, 2020 and the initial area to be affected was the education sector. The president immediately urged all learning institutions to prepare for an indefinite closure. With no reported cases at any of Kenya’s education center, the interruption of school operations has greatly affected all stakeholders. From the government, school owners, and employees, to the students. In some cases, exams have been put on hold as we await the government’s directive on reopening.

The big question is, what next?

Worried about your studies?

Coronavirus has become a pandemic and its effect has been felt worldwide.
As the clinical trials of a potential coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine are underway, the world operations have somehow come to a standstill.

If you are concerned about what happens to your studies since we do not have a definite reopening date; worry no more because learning does not stop.
The continued advances in technology have made it easier for institutions to offer effective e-learning programs. For instance, the Simon Page College of Marketing e-learning platform has been optimized for easy navigation to make online learning less hectic and enjoyable. Students can effortlessly access all study resources necessary to excel in their exams and projects.

As you work from home during this isolation period, you can study a new professional skill or a course that you’ve been longing to undertake to improve your performance. Sign up for short online courses to help you stand out from the rest at the workplace and progress to a more senior position when systems go back to normal.

For continuing students, find out if your institution offers distance learning study options. If not, you can look for other colleges or universities offering the same courses in your area.

If this is your first time learning any course online here are few tips to help you get most out of this:

  1. Be specific: Identify the skill that you want to learn. Then, compare performance records of the previous online students from different institutions offering the same course.
  2. Be ready: Ensure that you have all the technical requirements depending on the course you choose, e.g a guitar, software like adobe premiere, e.t.c.
  3. Be dedicated: Online classes are very flexible. Work on a study plan with your tutor and stick to it. This includes meeting assignment deadlines.
  4. Be inquisitive: Learning online can be overwhelming; always ask for clarification or assistance when you need assignment support.
  5. Be focused: Get a study corner or room to minimize distractions.


Learn Something New

During an interview with Channel 4 News, Connor Reed, a coronavirus survivor shared his experience of being in isolation. One of the most outstanding things he says is; “Have a lot of things that will keep you entertained. Pick up a hobby. Learn a language or something new.”

For the duration that you will be on self-quarantine, take up a hobby like baking or dancing to make your life less boring.

If you would like to study a professional course in Marketing, Public Relations or Digital Marketing online, let us know on the comment section below or [email protected]

Emmanuel Eshun
Emmanuel Eshun

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