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How does getting a CIPR qualification sound to you?  Have you always wanted to pursue a career in the Public Relations field? Do you always envy those who handle PR matters? Would you not feel great if all your colleagues came to you for PR advice and tips? And did you know that you do not have to go all the way to UK to study for a PR course?

A career in Public Relations basically means you have cutting edge over your competitors as you will know what to do to create brand awareness and create a positive image for your business. You are able to create and maintain a relationship between the business itself and the public, who are your target audience. If you have PR expertise, you are already a step above your competitors or your peers at your place of work-regardless of the field you are in. Sounds good?

PR will help you build trust and credibility in your brand. The best PR practices ensure people are talking about you. People think of you when they think of PR and there is no better way to make your mark in the market than through word of mouth. You will get good PR if you are providing or selling value-so this complements whatever else you are doing be it marketing or advertising.

How do you get certified in PR?

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations has accredited study centres that offer the CIPR qualification. Simon Page College of Marketing is one of the accredited study centres that offer the course.

Why Pursue the CIPR Qualification?

The qualification gives you an upper hand and places you a step ahead of the game. The qualification is important because you become globally-recognized and you are able to transform nd excel in your career.

These are some of the reasons why Simon Page College of Marketing should be your top choice to study the CIPR qualifications

  1. Qualified Tutors

Simon Page College of Marketing has qualified teaching professionals. Students therefore receive a wholesome learning experience and this sets them up for success in their studies and their careers.

Simon page students receives their cipr certificates

Simon Page students receive their CIPR certificates

  1. Various Study Options

Our CIPR students are professionals who have juggle between their careers and classes. At Simon Page College of Marketing, we offer face to face lectures as well as online learning sessions.
This flexibility has allowed students to create a good balance between studies and their careers.

The faculty and entire Simon Page College of Marketing team would like to congratulate all the students who have completed the qualification and received their certificates.

To find out how we can help you achieve success in your CIPR qualifications, email us at [email protected]



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