CIM Chartered Postgraduate in Marketing is the highest level marketing postgraduate qualification available from CIM. The qualification aims to enable marketers to champion the customer experience and exert a strong influence on the organisation to adopt a customer orientation, contribute along with other directors and senior managers to its competitive strategy, align the organisation’s activities to the customer, and manage the organisation’s marketing activities.

Who is it for? 

Ideal if you are a marketer currently working at, or aspiring to work at a strategic level. It is also suitable if you are looking to build on knowledge gained at the CIM Professional Diploma level.

Entry RequirementsEntry Requirements 

As a minimum, the following qualifications and experience are recommended as a prerequisite for entry onto the first stage of the Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing:

  • CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing (either the 2003 syllabus or the 2009 syllabus) or the CIM Advanced Certificate in Marketing OR
  • A business or marketing Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (or an equivalent qualification) where a minimum of half of the credits come from marketing (ie, 180 credits in Bachelor degrees and 90 credits in Master’s degrees) AND
  • A range of experience working at Senior Marketing Management level that has provided potential students with ability to evidence that they can meet the learning outcomes of the CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing if required to do so and is sufficient to pass the Entry Test to this qualification


What will you Learn?

  • Make the transition into strategic marketing management.
  • How to work more cross functionally at a senior management level.
  • How to make a contribution to the organisation’s strategy and contribute to board decisions.
  • Ways of demonstrating leadership and influence.



Mode of Assessment

  1. By formal examination (Analysis and Decision)
  2. By assignments such as coursework and case studies that require longer answers and will often be based on various findings and recommendations within your own company (or a company of your choice). (Emerging Themes, Managing Corporate Reputation and Marketing Leadership and Planning).

Course Units

  • Emerging Themes(Assignment): Helps to propose strategic marketing responses marketers need to critically evaluate the impact of a range of new and emerging themes on marketing, business organizations and the changing marketing environment.
  • Analysis and Decision(Examination): This unit will help marketers to be able to undertake a strategic audit of an organization and assess its capability and capacity to deliver the organization’s business and marketing strategy in a challenging, dynamic and diverse global marketplace.
  • Marketing Leadership and Planning(Assignment): This will help marketers to develop effective high level marketing strategies relating to an organisation’s corporate and business strategic intent in the short, medium and long term.
  • Managing Corporate Reputation(Assignment): This unit explores ways in which organisations can minimise the gap between customer perception and the way it wants to be perceived. Marketers need to understand the range of forces that create and change perceptions, and how to avoid any potentially serious issues.