CIPR Results are Out!

Simon Page yet again receives commendations for the July 2021 cohort CIPR results with a 95% pass rate. What exactly do you understand by a career in PR? Have you ever interacted with anyone in the PR sector and what was your experience? Why is Public Relations important for your business and brand? PR has previously not been deemed important for business since most are looking at reducing overall expenses. The future that they do not strategically consider is their positioning with their clients. Any business should consider how their customers view them and on what platforms.

Benefits of PR for your business

Having an excellent Public relations strategy for your business will help in improving your business credibility. This resonates for both your clients and potential stakeholders / partners. Having one front and mode of communication helps in defining the kind of communication conveyed relating to the business values. A proper PR plan also helps in knowing what platforms to leverage to actively achieve positive brand reputation.

Why Study PR?

As an individual, the major take home from being PR certified is setting base for excellent corporate communication and reputation management. You will be able to handle roles that revolve around being the voice of reason for organizations, this by extension means harnessing your public speaking and presentation skills. Public Relations gives you a broader mind perspective as you will always have to be up to date with current news and affairs. We all know that emotional intelligence is very key especially if you are in a role that requires constant engagement with people. A PR course gives you the direction of understanding human psychology, exploring your creative side and professionalism especially through networking within the corporate world.

CIPR at Simon Page

Simon Page offers a variety of professional courses, one of them being the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. We offer the Diploma in CIPR which takes a period of 9 months to complete. Our tutors are all qualified and experienced in delivering the module to our students in a set professional setting. We understand the students’ needs and offer individualized support throughout the learning and assignment processes. Simon Page is an accredited center to provide the CIPR course, with students within Kenya and East Africa, supported by our flexible class schedules.

Extending our heartfelt congratulations to all our students who undertook the CIPR module in the July 2021 cohort and commend them for their excellent input and results. The entire fraternity thanks you for choosing Simon Page as your preferred learning institution.

April 2022 Intake

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Beryle Atieno Okwach
Beryle Atieno Okwach

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