The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing strategy is a framework that guides you in setting up smart objectives for your business to expand your online reach. It involves configuring your traditional marketing mix to fit your online audience.
Have you been searching for a digital marketing strategy that actually works for your business?

Here is the ultimate guide to help you improve on how to set up a strategy for your online platforms.

  1. Analyze Previous Results

The ability to set smart goals based on understanding what worked for your business and what did not.

  • Did the Webclick ads you set up for your last campaign direct more people to your website?
  • Are you getting more inquiries as a result of this redirection?
  • How is your sales-funnel performing after your last campaign?


Every business owner’s biggest desire is to make more money.
If your last strategy did not help you meet your KPIs, you need to craft a new plan. Analyzing means examining every bit of your previous Ads. From the kind of campaign objectives you set up, placement, timing to the budget you used.

If for instance, you have tried using Webclick Ads and it doesn’t seem to be meeting your desired objectives, you may have to explore other types of Online Advertising like Display Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Lead Generation e.t.c


  1. Base your Objectives on the End Result

For you to choose the best type of online marketing for your business, your main focus should be on what you want to gain from it. Different digital marketing tools are based on different objectives.

For example:

For example:

  • Display & Video Ads: Creates more brand awareness.
  • Lead Gen Ads: Generate more leads by getting you specific details on your target audience.
  • Webclick Ads: Boosts conversion potential by redirecting prospects to specific Landing Pages.
  • Email Marketing: Increases sign up and customer retention.

Your digital marketing strategy needs to have specific and smart objectives for you to achieve more with your online activities.

Do you want to gain new leads or increase the number of users; remind your existing customers of new stock or improve your product/service delivery and need insights from them? Your objectives will affect the plans that you set and the strategy that you use to meet your KPIs.

  1. Choose a Channel that Works for you.

You need to identify the right online marketing channel that will give you the highest return on your investment (ROI). The best thing about online advertising is that; it gives you an estimate of what you can gain from your campaign budget. To maximize your ROI, ensure that your channel of choice can meet your campaign objectives with the set budget.

The audience on every medium of digital marketing has different content consumption behaviors. Try to understand some dynamics like;

  • What content would work where?
  • What angle should you structure that content?
  • Is your content optimized with the right keywords to reach the best prospects?
  • What time or duration should you schedule your ads?
  • Which channel gives you more Sales/subscribers/visitors?

For more insights on how to set smart objectives for your digital marketing strategy, leave us a comment on what digital marketing techniques you would want to learn about.






Emmanuel Eshun
Emmanuel Eshun

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