The Three Ds of Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy is about understanding the type of audience your business targets and identifying effective marketing tactics to convert them into customers. In order to do this, you need to measure how profitable the business niche you choose will be. Then, maximize on structuring a marketing plan that speaks value to them.

Here are a few tips on how you can use your prospects’ perspective to develop a better digital strategy:


  1. D for Discover our niche’s needs

The main reason for a digital strategy is to define your market:

  1. In terms of what they really want and how you can deliver it better than your competitors. Analyzing your niche’s needs can help you improve what’s already in the market in order to satisfy your prospect’s needs. For instance, phone companies have tapped into the millennials’ obsession with cameras and every phone promotion or marketing campaign now pushes cameras to the fore.
    Discovering your ideal customers’ needs helps you dedicate your online marketing plans and budgets on things that are going to bring you more profit.


  1. D for Develop a Plan

A good strategic marketer always carries out a SWOT analysis that allows them to know if the solutions they are planning to offer their prospects are going to be long or short term. SWOT analysis highlights what makes your business desirable:

  1. (Strength), what you need to improve to be more unique
  2. (Weakness), what your prospects are yearning for
  3. (Opportunity) and what challenges you may face in the market
  4. (Threats). After this, it is time to turn your SWOT Analysis into a Strategic Plan.

Your digital marketing plan should have clear objectives and strategies that outline the channels to use, when, and how to market your brand. Learn to speak the language of your target audience.
Everyone in your company needs to internalize the common goal of your marketing plan so that all resources and efforts are streamlined to align with your objectives.


  1. D for Deliver your Promise

Remember that you are trying to impress people who may have not used your product or service. You need to go beyond good branding and meet their expectations. Your aim to provide something which is better than average, so give value-added support for your customers for them to be very receptive. Offer after-sale services, discounts, and warranties when possible. Deliver your promise according to the image, of your brand, that you created and gain your customers’ loyalty.

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Emmanuel Eshun
Emmanuel Eshun

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