Reasons to Watch Digital Marketing Trends in Kenya

Digital marketing trends tend to shape the marketing landscape in many countries. Kenya is not an exception. The dynamic nature of the digital landscape means companies to adopt proactive measures as opposed to reactive. This means that they are never rushing to cash in last minute on a dying trend. They are also assured to reap maximum benefits from said trends. This brings in a unique situation where marketing experts have to take Digital Marketing courses to bridge this gap.

Digital marketing trends

  1. Opens opportunities for small businesses to grow

Most traditional marketing options come at a higher price. Small businesses are unable to sustain such costs in the long run while trying to break even and turn profits. However, with digital marketing trends small businesses are able to adopt a digital marketing strategy that fits within their budget. Such opportunities means small businesses can reach intended audience allowing them to grow their customer base.

  1. Higher conversion rates

Let’s face it most above the line marketing cannot be tracked. It is hard for a TV station to give you accurate number of how many people saw your ad. It is even harder for them to determine the effectiveness of said ad. All they are able to do is give you averages and estimates. Current digital marketing trends, like display advertising, provide accurate figures. It is also possible to create specific call to actions. This means your display ads can be tracked from impression to the action and thus increasing conversion rates.

  1. Better customer relations

Digital marketing trends show that potential clients and existing customers are most likely to reach out online. Whether they have queries, compliments or complaints. This means that companies need an effective digital strategy in order to offer the best customer experience. The degree of this customer experience varies with current digital marketing trends. For example; a person with an online shoe shop needs to integrate a feature on their website allowing users to directly call or reach them on Whatsapp. The less hustle a user has to go through to complete a sell the more likely they will complete.

  1. Reach mobile customers

Digital marketing trends have shown that most people are consuming content off their mobile phones. This means that companies need to align their digital strategies if they intend to reach this audience. It could be as simple as optimizing a Facebook Cover to fit on mobile to as complex as creating a mobile app for their product.

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Emmanuel Eshun
Emmanuel Eshun

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