Pay Per Click Magic: Why it works

Is pay per click just another digital marketing term you have heard thrown around?

Let me change that. You see, PPC is an internet advertising model where as an advertiser you only pay when users click on your ads. Which makes it a brilliant tool for small business owners with limited budget.  Which brings us to this article where we will explore why many business owners are opting for pay per click.

Pay per click

Spoiler alert: It is not because it sounds cool.

  1. Fits into small budgets

Of course this was going to be the first point. Pay per click unlike traditional advertising mediums can be tailored to fit a range of budgets. I mean we must agree that not everyone has the ability to erect a dozen billboards across Nairobi.

What that means is that you do not need Ksh 3.6 million to reach your audience. All you need is a strong understanding of digital marketing and how PPC works. To get there, a comprehensive digital marketing course usually comes in handy. Personally, the DMI course is the best and this is why.

  1. Targeting

Remember when we talked about billboards? The best you can do with them is choose a location you feel they will have the most impact. But, with pay per click you can do much more. Advertising platforms like AdWords allows you to optimize your ads to a specific demographic.

What this means is that your ads reaches the right people. This increases the chances for conversion and from a sales point of view; this is great news. Why? Because at the end of the day we all love a positive ROI.

  1. Testing

At the core of every advertising campaign is the ability to test, measure, examine and optimize. Pay per click advertising allows you to do that in an instant.

Advertising platforms like Google AdWords allows you to monitor the performance of your ad in real time. In addition to this such platforms let you run more than one ad at the same time for the same budget. As a result you can compare ads and choose to run with the best performing ones.

Do you think bill boards will allow you the same freedom?

  1. Detailed analytics

At the end of every successful marketing campaign should be verifiable numbers. You need to justify why you think something worked or offer solutions if it did not.

Pay per click advertising gives detailed analysis of each ads performance. In addition, in collaboration with other tools like Google Analytics you are able to obtain even more detailed data on your ads.

You and team will not be walking into a boardroom blind folded.


However, pay per click is not as simple as this article makes it out to be. It involves a lot of work and requires a deep understanding of the platforms that run it. What you need is a practical and hands on course that will take you through each step.

You can find that course here.

Emmanuel Eshun
Emmanuel Eshun

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