Pay Attention To These Digital Marketing Trends  

Marketing trends

Marketing trends evolve every day. Some are exciting while others are scary. What you choose depends on the brand guidelines and the daringness of your marketing team. There are brands that like to play it safe, use tested methods and there are brands that push the envelope. But one thing remains, in marketing there’s never a dull day. It really must suck to be in accounting. When was the last time they innovated?

Anyway, apologies to all accountants, maybe it is time they considered a career move to marketing. There are plenty of courses they can take starting from a certificate level.

Back to marketing trends. This year has seen a number of trends come up. These are trends that every marketer should learn about and even consider for future marketing campaigns. Below are our top 5 picks for 2018.

Marketing trends

  1. Interactive content

What can we say? Blogs have become boring.  This time round people want to engage with the business. This marketing trend allows businesses to create online interactive experiences for its users. So why not curate your content and make it more appealing? Go crazy with the visuals. Use GIFs. Animate. The marketing world is yours for the taking. Matter of fact, why not try Pinterest lens?

  1. User Generated Content

Creating can be hard work. The long hours sitting behind a desk trying to churn out content for the business. The endless mugs of coffee and mostly sleepless nights that follow. Who needs that? Besides, research shows that people are looking for authenticity. They won’t get that from your article, you are paid to write nice things. But, this marketing trend lets you use your customers as ambassadors for your brand. Consumers believe consumers. The trick though is how to get it to work for you. Probably, a digital marketing course with emphasis on social media will do.

  1. Voice search

“Hi Siri where can I get…” Is becoming popular. It’s an easier way to search and most times users get a direct answer. As a marketer this is one marketing trend you cannot ignore. You should make sure that your business is enlisted on all the major voice search providers. Who knows? The next time someone asks Siri or Google Assistant something, they might just lead them to you.

  1. Chat bots

The world is a digital village and other stories blah blah blah. Yeah, we know you’ve heard this a lot but it is true. As a business you’re never guaranteed that all your enquiries will happen during working business hours. There might be this guy on a layover in Istanbul looking for a place to sleep when they land in Moscow. This is where chat bots come in handy. It’s a marketing trend where bots can be programmed to answer specific questions, keeping users engaged while you are away. This is one trend you cannot sleep on.

  1. Experiential Marketing

This marketing trend has been around for quite some time. Over the years it has grown beyond simple stands and sampling techniques. Brands are engaging consumers more and using technology to make the experience memorable. Previously, only brands with tangible products could try this. Now, thanks to technology, everyone can. Find out what works best for your business and implement it into your marketing activities.

And that’s it. Tell us what trend you would really love to try this year.


Emmanuel Eshun
Emmanuel Eshun

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