New CIM Postgraduate Diploma Syllabus

The official marketing body have announced a new CIM Postgraduate Diploma syllabus. The new syllabus will be broken down into three key units which one MUST pass.

  1. Global Marketing Decision
  2. Corporate Digital Communication
  3. Creating Entrepreneurial Change

Global Marketing Decision

This unit is under the new CIM Postgraduate Diploma and it is the only unit to be assessed through a written exam. This is a unit that tackles global marketing at a senior level.

It equips learners with the ability to develop global marketing strategies for their organizations in an environment that faces dynamic challenges. In the long run, a learner is able to assess the capabilities and abilities of an organization to deliver its business and marketing objectives and make necessary recommendations.

Corporate Digital Communication

With the new CIM Postgraduate Diploma syllabus attention was paid to digital communication. This is a unit whose assessment will be measured by an assignment.

For marketers this unit is crucial as it will equip them with the ability to identify key stakeholders. With these key stakeholders, marketers are able to further determine which of these stakeholders have influence in determining corporate reputation management in the organization.

Ultimately, using this skill, learners will be able to recommend digital channels that best suit the organization.

Creating Entrepreneurial Change

The new CIM Postgraduate Diploma recognizes the importance of creating transformational change in an organization. The aim of this unit is to equip learners with the ability to create such changes in their organizations and inspire them to embrace entrepreneurship.

The unit will allow each learner to investigate dynamics of innovation of change. To which at the end of the unit they will be assessed based on an assignment.

The new CIM Postgraduate Diploma syllabus promises to offer learners with solution oriented learning strategies based on real world solutions. In addition to this, the world-class tutors available at Simon Page in conjunction with its partnership with CIM will be offering the course starting this July.

You can register here.

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Emmanuel Eshun
Emmanuel Eshun

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