Marketing Masterclass : Top 5 Tips for Targeting Millennials

Marketing Masterclass

Every month, Simon Page hosts a Marketing masterclass. We invite different industry leaders to speak on topics of interest relevant to the industry.  We held a masterclass on 26th April, with the General Manager of Baraka FM, Barbra Mkala. She focused on different generations at the work place, leveraging on her 15 years’ experience in marketing. The focus topic was on millennials.

During the Marketing masterclass Barbra was able to break down specific ways to target millennials.

Marketing masterclass

1.     Sell the ‘why’

Millennials are a generation that is more concerned in why a company is selling. They want to feel part of a social movement. For companies, this means that they should sell a product with the purpose of solving a societal issue. During the Marketing masterclass Barbra gave an example of Unilever. The sunlight campaign that addressed child hunger resonated with the ‘why’.

2.     Encourage experiences

Millennials are most likely to buy into experiences. They live in a world where they want to try new things and learn different skills. In order to tap into this, a brand should be able to sell an experience as part of the product. Etsy a company that does this is a good example. Instead of only selling products, they also allow users to learn how to make their products.

3.     Value feedback

One thing that has stood out about this generation is that they feel entitled. They have used social media and are vocal about a lot of things. When millennials interact with a brand , most of the time they will share their experience. The Marketing masterclass highlighted that it is important to tap into this feedback.

4.     Embrace innovation

Millennials are curious in nature and are interested in trying new things. However, couple this with the fact that they were born in the digital age. This means that marketers have to constantly evolve with technology. Which will make their brands more relevant to this group.

5.     Give access

When marketing to millennials you want to make them part of the process. They want to feel part of something bigger than themselves. You can do this by engaging in marketing strategies that incorporates them. Get them actively involved in campaigns. This will make them feel that they are making a difference.

With that said, it is not an easy task marketing to millennials. You might wonder why they are so important in today’s marketplace: This market is HUGE. Their population is big and they carry lots of influence. Fortunately, there are courses offered at Simon Page college of Marketing that address this. Examples are the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Digital Marketing Institute . These courses provide insights into formulating targeted marketing strategies apt for the millennials as a target audience. Subsequent to such courses, you can also attend our free marketing Masterclass every month, and be updated with the industry’s happenings!  See you there!

Emmanuel Eshun
Emmanuel Eshun

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