Masterclass on Marketing Analytics in a Digital Market

Let’s face it, behind all the fun marketers seem to have, a major headache they have is assessing marketing analytics. Why? Because just like most people, at the end of the day they have someone to report to.  They need data to justify that their marketing efforts are not futile. After all, no company wants to spend money chasing ghosts. Yeah, we are sorry if you thought marketing was all about the funny ads and brochures on the streets.

When it comes to marketing, marketing analytics are not the preserve of seasoned marketers. Everyone should be able to analyze the performance of their marketing efforts. From start-up owners with a minimal or no marketing budget to big corporations. From the HR manager to the accounting guy in finance. They should be able to tell its effectiveness and the ROI it brings to the business. From this information they are able to optimize these efforts.

However, it gets confusing dealing with this. Especially in the digital age where there is a lot of information out there. Most marketers and business owners are not sure what to look for and what to ignore. Most of the statistics that come with marketing analytics at first seem scary. It does not stop at that. The terms thrown around, the jargon, it all seems daunting.

This, should not be the case.

So we’ve thought why not introduce you to a marketing analytics expert? For FREE. We will even throw in a few snacks.

We won’t daunt you with all the titles and abbreviations that come before his name (they are quite a bunch). What you need to know is that after the session you will leave an almost marketing expert. Almost because to actually become an expert, you need to enroll for a DMI course.

Boniface L’Souza has years of experience in marketing and marketing analytics. If you are looking for the guy that knows a guy, Boniface is probably the guy your guy knows.

On 30th May 2018, he will take you through marketing analytics in the digital market. He will be at the Simon Page Offices at KEMU Towers from 6:00 PM.

See you there.

Marketing analytics in digital marketing

Emmanuel Eshun
Emmanuel Eshun

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