Is Online Marketing Effective in Kenya?

According to Amari Consulting Co-founder, Ms. Abigail Bundi; in Kenya, e-commerce is estimated to be worth more than Kshs 70- 120 billion in the short term and Kshs 400 billion in the long-term, thus presenting lucrative business opportunities.

It has been almost two months since the coronavirus was announced in Kenya and more Kenyans are now familiar with online selling. Apart from the top Kenyan e-commerce brands like Jumia and Uber Eats, more small and medium enterprises started embracing the idea of marketing their commodities online. But are they getting the most out of it?

How effective is online marketing in Kenya?

Online marketing is the most powerful form of marketing in the world today. The trick lies in how well your marketing strategy is structured and executed. Online marketing can reach more people than the traditional marketing tactics that you have been using for decades. The magic does not end there; with the same amount of marketing budget that you’ve been spending before, you can reach thrice or more numbers within hours.
So, online marketing is as effective in Kenya as anywhere else in the world. You just need to understand how it works and explore different types of online ads.

How do you reach the right people at the right time?

Understanding your audience and what best works for them is the first step. Online Advertising platforms provide algorithms reports that enable you to study online behavioral patterns of your target audience.
When you are running a campaign or ads, the algorithms help you evaluate what is working or not. That way, you can tweak your ads to target the most prospective audience. Hence, spend your budget only on the ads with the highest probability of giving you a good return on investment (ROI)

How do you know if your online marketing is effective?

Online Marketing is only effective if one leverages on the advertisements. The type of ads that you choose for your business affects your return on investment. After you stop running the ads, retrieve a report from the backend of the platform, for instance, Facebook. Then, analyze the response of your target audience to the ads you set up.

From the online marketing activities that you carried out;

  • Did you get more orders, signups, subscriptions, etc. compared to the previous month?
  • Are you getting a relatively better number of new, returning customers or referrals?
  • Considering the number of conversions that you made and the amount you spent on the ads; was that a good ROI?

If you need help figuring out which ads can work for you or how to start marketing your business online, kindly let us know in the comments section or email us at [email protected].

Emmanuel Eshun
Emmanuel Eshun

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