How To Become a Digital Marketing Expert

Introducing yourself as a digital marketing expert comes with a lot of side glances. Kenyans are not yet familiar with that digital marketing entails. For most people, the most annoying of the bunch, they equate digital marketing to social media. Especially Facebook.

Do you know how hard it is for a digital marketing expert to be taken seriously when an entire boardroom thinks all you do is read Facebook posts? Most imagine that we get into an office in the morning, sit all day drinking coffee and sharing funny memes with friends.

At the root of it all, it doesn’t bother us that much. Well, until they too think they can be a digital marketing expert. Why? Because they have 4678 Facebook friends, update twice a day and have access to internet. So they take up all these projects in their places of work, promise to deliver the moon only to come up short of leaving the atmosphere.

So let’s break it down for you:

  1. Digital marketing is not about having a Facebook account.
  2. Digital marketing is not about sharing memes on social media or creating them
  3. A digital marketing expert does not just sit all day and read posts on social media

In fact what we do cannot be summarized into a blog post. That, or maybe this writer might get a little bit too emotional and go off topic. But we want you to understand what being a digital marketing expert is about.

Digital marketing expert

There’s two ways to do this.

We can sell you a digital marketing course. It’s intensive. It will crack your brain. It will change your perception of digital marketing forever. At the end of it all you will probably feel strongly about the field as this writer does. But you will come out with practical skills. Skills that if you apply on a daily basis you will become a digital marketing expert.

Or, we can invite you to an open evening. Where we will have a digital marketing expert talk you through what digital marketing is all about. Plus, since we are a bunch of nice guys we will have refreshments for you.

What should you have?  Well a number of questions for us won’t hurt.

So what do you say? 13th June at 5:30 PM.

Find us on the 5th floor of KEMU Towers along Monrovia Street.


Emmanuel Eshun
Emmanuel Eshun

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