My Simon Page Experience Series: Barbra Mkala

My Simon Page Experience is a series that dives deep into the Simon Page College of Marketing experience, interviewing tutors and students across the board.

In today’s blog, we interview Barbra Mkala, a Chartered Marketer who has over 10 years experience in the marketing profession. Barbra is currently a Marketing Consultant and a Marketing Tutor at Simon Page College of Marketing.  She is driven, passionate about marketing, creative and one of the best marketers we have interacted with and have the pleasure of having as a tutor at Simon Page.

  1. Why did you choose to go into the marketing field?

I was thrilled by advertising campaigns while in college and decided this is what I wanted to do for my career hence chose Marketing major.

2. What five things do you love about what you do? 5 things I love about what I do is;

  • Designing creative advertising scripts
  • Meeting and Networking with different people
  • Empowering others through coaching and Training.
  • Dynamism in the marketing profession
  • Making a difference in clients’ projects.

  3. You are a CIM tutor. What do you love most about being able to transfer the marketing knowledge through tutoring?

I love the interactions in class and sharing of different ideas as I facilitate my students to discover the exciting possibilities of the marketing career.

4. In a nutshell, how has your tutoring experience at Simon Page College of Marketing been?

It’s exciting and I love the support system which enables me to focus on my students.

5. Would you recommend the CIM course at Simon Page to anyone who is looking to delve into the marketing field and why?

Yes, I highly recommend Simon Page College because of their high standards of student’s management and their strict adherence to CIM Professional standards.

6. How have you been able to remain consistent in the marketing field? What sets you apart?

I keep abreast with emerging ideas and trends in my practice and enjoy what I do at the same time. What sets me apart is my passion for what I do.

7. Any tips for anyone who is looking to become a Chartered Marketer?

The tip I can give if to get CIM Qualifications in the area you are passionate about then stay active and consistent in it. This is a very dynamic profession and one can’t afford to just sit back.

You can also begin your journey to the Chartered Marketer status, find out how here.


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