Understanding Audience: Marketing Masterclass

We hosted the 4th Edition of the Simon Page marketing masterclass on 26th April. During this session we have Ms. Nyambura Maina; a marketing and research consultant with Kenya Audience and Research Foundation (KARF) who took us through an interesting session on understanding audience.
Here are some of the key takeaway points from the session:

1. Media understanding
This marketing masterclass saw Ms. Nyambura explain the importance of understanding media. She pointed out that when looking at media, we should also look at the level of interaction that people have with it. She gave a good example of how the internet has shifted audience engagement from traditional media to more digital platforms.
What this means is that now your audience is spoilt for choice when it comes to media choices which has made them highly fragmented. This has also made them very active. Understanding these aspects will help with your marketing objectives.

2. Media Landscape in Kenya
During the marketing masterclass, Ms. Nyambura mentioned the media landscape. She highlighted that it is changing and how the legacy media has been losing numbers over the past 3 years with audience shifting to more internet based media. She went ahead to break this down into specific demographics which showed a distribution between setting, age, and gender.

3. Targeting Audience
In order to target your audience you need to know where they are. Ms. Nyambura using numbers explained the distribution of audience across the different media. The marketing masterclass saw attendees understand the various media available and how to use each one to leverage against their audience in order to reach their marketing objectives.

4. Measuring Audience
Ms. Nyambura, during the marketing masterclass, mentioned the need to have data on an audience. This helps take out guess work from the equation. As a result, efforts become more streamlined and results better.
She also shared a few things an advertiser should consider when reaching their audience; these were things like reach, frequency and identifying the most effective medium.

Ms. Nyambura did a splendid job during the masterclass.

We would like you to join us for the next marketing masterclass on 26th May. More details to follow soon.

Emmanuel Eshun
Emmanuel Eshun

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