My Simon Page Experience Series: Deepa Shah| MCIM

My Simon Page Experience is a series that dives deep into the Simon Page College of Marketing experience, interviewing tutors and students across the board.

In today’s blog, we interview Deepa Shah, a Chartered Marketer who has over 14 years experience in cross-industry marketing in FMCG, Pharmaceutical and Financial sectors. She has a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and a Masters Degree in Digital Marketing, and can speak over 7 languages. Deepa is a Strategy and Digital Marketing expert, a business strategy trainer and also does business modeling. She is passionate, creative and one of the best marketers we have interacted with and have the pleasure of having as a tutor at the college.

  1. Why did you choose to go into the marketing field?

I was born into a family of entrepreneurs, who have positioned themselves uniquely through their skills and talent. That made me think about where I wanted to fit in. One day my eldest sister just mentioned that I should look into studying marketing-I did not know what marketing was at that time. Coincidentally, during that time ACCA was in demand and everyone I met advised me to take the ACCA program. I wanted to break that silo mentality of ACCA and position myself uniquely. With the guidance from my eldest sister, I searched for a marketing course in the UK and came across the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

This was in 1998, where through Rapid Result College I got information on the course. I wrote to The Chartered Institute of Marketing and became a member. As soon as I registered I saw an advert in the local dailies that the Kenya School of Professional Studies was offering the CIM course and that is how my journey to marketing started. I studied certificate all the way to postgraduate to now having  a masters degree and a wealth of experience in various sectors.

  1. What five things do you love about what you do?

  • Marketing teaches me something new every day.
  • Marketing for me has become more of a hobby than a profession. When people say, do what you love, listen to them.
  • Marketing enables me to meet and interact with individuals from different sectors and demographics.
  • I love that I impart knowledge and share my experiences through tutoring.
  • It develops my creative side and instills a lot of passion within me.
  1. You are a CIM and DMI tutor. What do you love most about being able to transfer the marketing knowledge through tutoring?

Knowledge is power and I believe if God has given you a gift to share this knowledge then share it. It is not only about imparting knowledge for me; it’s a continuous learning journey , learning from my students, colleagues and of course, Google.

  1. In a nutshell, how has your tutoring experience at Simon Page College of Marketing been?

My journey with Simon Page so far has been very smooth. I receive excellent support from the team as they all have adapted to my preferences and they have learnt the way I like to deliver the course to students so this makes tutoring a lot more fun.

  1. Would you recommend the CIM and DMI courses at Simon Page to anyone who is looking to delve into the marketing field and why?

My Simon Page Experience has been an excellent one so far. I would definitely recommend the courses at Simon Page College of Marketing to anyone and everyone who is looking to undertake either of the qualifications. Why you ask?  Personally, I have attained qualifications from both the CIM and DMI institutions and this is the best thing that happened to my career. Today I can confidently say that both qualifications have enabled me build my brand in the education sector and create a mark in the marketing field.

  1. How did you get where you are? How have you been able to remain consistent in one field for so many years?

Hard work, determination, curiosity and support from my family, friends, colleagues, and my students have positioned me where I am today. My passion and love for marketing has enabled me remain consistent in this field for over 12 years. I have applied the theory in my day-to-day work and I have seen excellent positive results. This has allowed me to make my profession fun, exciting and interesting and that keeps me going.

  1. Any tips for anyone who is looking to become a Chartered Marketer?

Don’t just study to get a qualification on your CV. Embrace what you are learning and apply it in your day-to-day work and you will see success. Learning never stops! Nurture your skills, build your own brand and progress to where you want to be and the status will become yours. Of course you also have to submit your CPD hours annually to attain that position.

You can also begin your journey to the Chartered Marketer status, find out how here.


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