Upgrade Your Career in 2021: Part 1

Are you wondering how to upgrade your career in 2021? Have you ever wondered why some careers take off, while others stall? Why some people have influence in their organizations, while others struggle to get noticed? Here are some of the ways you can self-assess and address these questions in your career and personal life, and set out a unique approach to achieving greater impact, influence, and meaning in your career path.

As a professional, you understand your strengths and skillset and you understand the need to make a change to constantly upgrade your skills. You need to be more aware of your work environment and the trends and you should want to continue to distinguish yourself and hone your skills. You have the education, the training, and the experience and you recognize there is always room to learn and upgrade your career. You bring talent, expertise and potential to your workplace, your employer and even to a potential employer. It is your ability to stand out in your field that makes you a candidate for the promotion you are seeking, or that new job you are eyeing.

1. What is your value?

Every employee and job seeker needs to have a personal value. What do you bring to the table? What makes you stand out? You need to show and have value for an employer to consider you. If you are looking for a job, what makes you better than the other 20 candidates who have applied for the job? If you already have a job, do not go to work everyday with the mentality that what got you hired will keep you employed. Times are changing and employers are always looking to add value to their organizations. Value makes you have a competitive edge.

2. Know your potential employer or customer

The marketplace is always changing, and you have to stay competitive as well lest you are made redundant. Ensure you stay ahead of the game and ensure your skillset meets the needs of your employer and/or customer.

3. Know your competitors

You may not know the skills of the person who is applying for the same job you are or who is sending a proposal to your potential client, but you can get an idea by reviewing the job applications, and basing them on your skillset and strengths. Always review your social media connections such as LinkedIn and get an idea of what profiles rank best when it comes to the particular job you are applying for or the position you are holding. This will give you an idea on what is selling, and how to market what you are selling.

Here are some of the ways you can upgrade your career in 2021:

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