How a CIM Qualification can Boost your Marketing Career

Are you looking to undertake a CIM Qualification? Are you currently employed within the marketing sector or looking to branch into a new career path? Have you been thinking of increasing your education and improving your marketing knowledge? Here’s how a Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification can help.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is the largest organization for marketing professionals in the world. They offer a range of Marketing and Digital Marketing qualifications and therefore play a vital part in setting industry standards. These qualifications allow an individual to improve their skills and helps them succeed in their chosen marketing career. But why choose a Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification? Is it really worth it?

Five Benefits of Gaining a CIM Marketing Qualification
1. Increased recognition
Often, recruiters will actually look out for a Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification on a potential candidates CV. This may be because the hiring organization have stated that they would prefer to take on someone who has this internationally recognized qualification or simply because the recruiter recognizes the qualification. Whether you are looking to enter the marketing world, change jobs or perhaps get promoted at your current organization, a CIM qualification will help your CV to stand out.

2. Flexible studying
Unlike so many training institutions, you can start your CIM Marketing Qualification at any time of the year, allowing it to fit in with what may already be a busy life. With Simon Page College Of Marketing, you can study in a classroom, through blended learning or distance learning, therefore offering you greater flexibility in how you study. We also provide extensive resources- all designed to support your studies.

3. The potential to earn more money
Having a CIM marketing qualification helps to show your dedication to the marketing profession. A study conducted by Marketing Rewards Survey shows that a qualified CIM member earns 10% more than their unqualified counterparts. There are some employers, depending on your role and their service requirements who will cover the cost of your studies. Of course, the potential to earn more money is never a guarantee. However, the statistics do show that the possibility is increased with the benefit of a CIM qualification and that graduates believe the qualification has enhanced and furthered their careers.

4. Ongoing support
Being a CIM Member and studying with Simon Page College of Marketing does not just provide you with the qualification you work towards. In fact, being CIM qualified allows to you continue to access ongoing support. There will be opportunities to network, the ability to access high-quality marketing resources and even free legal advice.

5. Something for everyone
Whether you are looking for an introduction to marketing or to develop your strategic marketing management, there are so many options offered by CIM. It could afford you the opportunity to fill a professional gap in the market. The qualification will help you subsidize a lack of experience keeping you one step ahead of emerging market practices.

There is no doubt that a CIM qualification will help increase your level of education expertise and provide you with international recognition. The potential to earn more is certainly reason enough to work towards your CIM marketing qualification.

Simon Page College of Marketing has successfully delivered CIM qualifications for over 5 years in Kenya. We pride ourselves in offering unrivalled student support. We have qualified and experienced marketing practitioners as tutors which guarantees exceptional pass rates. You can start your journey with any Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification today or get in touch to find out more.


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