3 Ways to Measure your PR Effect

As a PR Practitioner, it can be very hard to establish the impact that your PR activities have on your business. However, every boss expects you to give analytics that proves that it’s worthwhile for him or her to keep investing in the PR department.

As Erika Heald states in her article on Ragan,if your PR reporting focuses solely on brand mentions and ancillary vanity metrics, your job is in jeopardy.

There are tactics one can employ to gauge the PR effects in the market.
The following are some ways in which you can evaluate your PR Success:

  1. Sales Analysis

Digital PR may be easily measured by using digital tools to calculate engagements and conversion rates. However, traditional PR may take a prolonged duration to give significant results. One might have a hard time determining their PR effects with campaigns ran on newspapers or billboards. To gauge if your advertisements on newspaper and billboards are working you will need to calculate the change in sales volume by location . This will enable you to know which products work best in which areas and which campaign best suits each particular area. For instance, if billboards did not work, maybe you should try radio or Television Ads.

  1. Website Traffic

Today, most people purchase almost everything online. According to the Internet World Stats report released in June 2017, 89.4% of the Kenyan population uses the internet.
For all the campaigns that you run, the performance metrics may be determined by the number of internet users visiting your website.

If your Newspaper, Television, or Radio Adverts are very detailed and your product or service is something that would add value to their lives; many people will be anxious to go online and search for your company for more details.
With tools like Google Analytics, you are able to track the source of your website traffic.


  1. Social Media Mention Tracking Tools

According to Brand24, 88% of people trust online reviews with 85% of customers checking up to 10 reviews before purchasing.
It is important to ensure that you keep a good reputation online and give your customers the best experience. Using free applications to monitor any mentions of your company online could help you keep track of any consumer complaints before other prospects start developing a negative idea of the standards or reliability of what your business offers. Try using free online mention tracking tools like Talkwalker to monitor every conversation about your brand, hashtags, and competition on social media.

Do you have more tips on how you track your PR effect? Share with us on the comment section.

Emmanuel Eshun
Emmanuel Eshun

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