The Pros and Cons of PR Practice in Kenya Today

The Pros and Cons of PR Practice in Kenya Today

PR practice in Kenya has evolved overtime. However PR and marketing have been treated as ONE thing for decades by most Kenyan organizations. For some, it might be to save some company funds. With others, they still don’t have a clear understanding of the difference between these two.

The introduction of the Public Relations Bill is going to make public relations an important aspect of the communication mix in any big organization in Kenya. This will broaden the job market for PR practitioners. Due to this, anyone practicing public relations today or aspiring to join the industry ought to know the Pros and Cons of PR Practice. Here are the Top 3 things that you need to know:

  1. Avoid Lies and Stick to Facts

When a Kenyan says, “that is just PR,”; they are simply trying to tell you that, the person talking has been paid to lie to cover up some mess for their clients.” Public relations in Kenya is mostly viewed as a valuable tool that politicians rebuild their reputation after a scandal. As a PR Practitioner, to successfully rebuild the good image that was affected by the actions of an opponent, you will need to have the best interest of the affected person at heart. By avoiding lies that can be used against you in the future and sticking to facts, you build trust and a good foundation for your client. Your effort to influence the public’s viewpoint should be aligned with your client’s commitment to maintaining their credibility.

  1. Create a Value for Your Client’s Money

 Whether a PR consultant or an in-house PR person, every client trusts that you will honor the ethics of the PR Practice. Therefore, you should never use any information related to them for personal gains. You should aim to imprint value on your target audience’s minds with every PR campaign . The PR and Marketing departments ought to work together to have better control of what information goes out to the media. Come up with effectiveness PR Campaign that measures up to the value of your client’s money.

  1. Network with the Best in the Industry

Now that you’ve created a good foundation and value for your work, it’s time to improve your net worth. Joining local PR associations like the Public Relations Society of Kenya allows you to interact with the top industry experts and exposes you to different career opportunities. Attending Public Relations related events also allows you to mingle with the Pros and learn more about how to be the best. Another way you can improve your net worth is by boosting your skills with CPD programs like the Chartered Institute of Public Relation


Would you be interested in attending a Public Relations related event and get a chance to interact with other PR practitioners in Kenya? Let us know.

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