Simon Page College of Marketing is Africa’s leading CIM accredited study centre with centres in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. We offer CIM courses ranging from core marketing qualifications to specialized qualifications in digital and communications with flexible study options available to help you achieve work-life balance.

Our study centre located at Reliable Tower in Westlands and KeMU Hub along Koinange /Monrovia street.
For the following services:

  • The CIM Qualification
  • The DMI qualification (Digital Marketing Diploma)
  • Knowledgeable study advisors who are completely conversant with the courses
  • Monthly Marketing Masterclasses
  • Short courses

Fast Track Digital Marketing Workshop

Checkout the Fastrack Digital Marketing Workshop Gallery below

FDMW-17 (Small)FDMW-16 (Small)FDMW-15 (Small)FDMW-14 (Small)FDMW-13 (Small)FDMW-12 (Small)FDMW-11 (Small)FDMW-10 (Small)FDMW-9 (Small)FDMW-8 (Small)FDMW-7 (Small)FDMW-6 (Small)FDMW-5 (Small)FDMW-4 (Small)FDMW-3 (Small)FDMW-2 (Small)FDMW (Small)FDMW-59 (Small)FDMW-56 (Small)FDMW-54 (Small)FDMW-50 (Small)FDMW-49 (Small)FDMW-46 (Small)FDMW-45 (Small)FDMW-44 (Small)FDMW-43 (Small)FDMW-42 (Small)FDMW-41 (Small)FDMW-40 (Small)FDMW-39 (Small)FDMW-38 (Small)FDMW-37 (Small)FDMW-36 (Small)FDMW-35 (Small)FDMW-34 (Small)FDMW-33 (Small)FDMW-32 (Small)FDMW-31 (Small)FDMW-30 (Small)FDMW-29 (Small)FDMW-28 (Small)FDMW-27 (Small)FDMW-26 (Small)FDMW-25 (Small)FDMW-24 (Small)FDMW-23 (Small)FDMW-22 (Small)FDMW-21 (Small)FDMW-20 (Small)FDMW-19 (Small)FDMW-18 (Small)